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#Racelife Spotlight – WKA

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#Racelife Spotlight – WKA


#Racelife Spotlight  < — Click on link or photo to READ the interview.

Thanks to World Karting Association (WKA) for this cool interview.

(Ben Maier, Thomas Annunziata Jr. and me – Summer 2017: New Castle Motorsports Park, Indiana)


“Safety first, and see you at the finish line”



Tour and Video Interview with Joe Gibbs Racing

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Tour and Video Interview with Joe Gibbs Racing

Interview with Joseph Damato, V.P. Marketing of Joe Gibbs Racing.
Headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina.
Tour of the facility and a quick interview with Joe.

Opening day at Oakland Valley Race Park – Interview: Jeff Hannen

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Opening day at Oakland Valley Race Park – Interview:  Jeff Hannen

Opening day at Oakland Valley Race Park – Members Day, Monday, June 12th, 2017

Interview with Jeff Hannen on the newly re-paved and re-configured OVRP track.

Rumson’s Christian Rutty is racing toward a brighter future

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Rumson’s Christian Rutty is racing toward a brighter future

A nice article about me in the local news, submitted by my school district.
“Rumson School District & KidzSpeed. Racing towards a brighter future”
#STEM #GiftedAndTalented #PursueYourDreams #Karting


Rumson’s Christian Rutty is racing toward a brighter futureRUMSON — (May 5, 2017) – A gifted and talented student,…

Posted by The Monmouth Journal on Friday, May 5, 2017


A nice article about me in the local news, submitted by my school district.
“Rumson School District & KidzSpeed. Racing towards a brighter future”
#STEM #GiftedAndTalented #PursueYourDreams #Karting

Also ran in “The Red Bank Green

When I’m not racing……. academic competition representing my school.

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What I do when I am not racing my go kart.
I represented my school by competing in a Jeopardy style academic competition against 112 other Gifted & Talented students. I was the only 5th grader who competed against 7th & 8th grade students.

“Why we race” – A film by Adam Rylance

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“Why we race” – A film by Adam Rylance

A film by karting journalist and champion racer, Adam Rylance – “Why We Race”


Great job Adam! Thanks for collaborating with KidzSpeed
* Adam’s news page:…
* Adam’s racing page:

Diversity in motorsports starts at go-kart level

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Diversity in motorsports starts at go-kart level

Article on Diversity:  Interviewed at Daytona International Speedway

Preview of Rounds #6 and #7 of the Northeast Rotax Series Presented by Tony LaPorta

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KidzSpeed mentioned at 0:28 sec in the video

October 1st and 2nd, it’s going to be a competitive race for the North East Rotax Max Championship, MicroMAX class.
Wish me luck! #RaceToVegas 

Interview: Jetman Dubai (Vince Reffet)

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Interview: Jetman Dubai (Vince Reffet)

Video Interview: Jetman wingman, Vince Reffet, sat down for an exclusive interview (at 5:00 AM) with KidzSpeed via Skype from Dubai U.A.E.

Their website:

TV appearance on Conan O’Brien:

Thanks Vince and Yves for the support of KidzSpeed and the great swag!


JetMan Dubai swag - nice gifts IMG_1568 (2)

















Jetman Dubai Gallery

Jetman Dubai in flight Jetman Dubai wing specs Jetman Dubai wallpaper Jetman 11731675_989621047729209_3338079136614830463_o Bernet_DSC04830 Jetwing specs 1 Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.46.34 PM12189436_1039793309378649_3927010473088291491_o12244460_1045716532119660_9056194127044879856_o11017672_997917050232942_4887762453995244549_o12195016_1040179959339984_9122741316996867029_o1888913_850457324978916_8032016256872702774_o (1)135287_738848036139846_662493548_o

Featured on Child Genius on Lifetime TV – Good Luck Wishes

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Featured on Child Genius on Lifetime TV – Good Luck Wishes

Best of luck to all the kids on Season 2, Child Genius: Battle of The Brightest on Lifetime TV. I was originally casted for the show and scheduled to be filmed at home, at Learning Rx & racing my kart at Oakland Valley Race Park last July.   Due to scheduling conflicts, I was forced to decline at the last minute. It would have been fun and challenging. Maybe next year?
The first episode airs January 7th on Lifetime Television. 

Video clip of season trailer:

s2 Child-Genius


KidzSpeed 2016 Driver of the Year: Anthony Gangi Jr.

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KidzSpeed 2016 Driver of the Year: Anthony Gangi Jr.

GT7 KidzSpeed dual logos


Anthony’s web sites:  GT7  and Gangi Jr.

Interview with seven time national & three time USA champion kart racer, Anthony Gangi Jr.

Christian:  Anthony, you are a seven-time national champion and a three time US champion and over one hundred wins in your racing career.  You probably have a lot of people ask you for advice or a lot of parents asking about how to get started in karting or advice on how to become a fast champion like you?  So, if you could just talk about what matters most to a young racer like me and their Mom or Dad when starting out in karting?

Anthony:  Well first, when I started out in karting, I was focused, first and foremost and it was also about loving it.  If you don’t love your sport, you really need to find another one.  If you love your sport, you’ll think about it more and you’ll appreciate it more.  I tell everyone, “the most important thing is to have fun”.  When you love it as much as I do, you appreciate it all the more.  It takes everything to a whole ‘nother level.  When I started racing, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.  I started devoting time to it everyday and I sacrificed.   When you sacrifice your time to something you love, you might not see the result you want right away, but you will see the sacrifice in the end.  I think back to when I started out, and if there’s anything I could go back and say to the little guys like yourself, I would say “definitely listen to your parents” when they talk.  They’ve made mistakes before and they know what they’re talking about, even if they don’t sit behind the wheel of a go kart.  They have experience from life, and most times, they are going to be right.  Also, everyone on your team wants to win as much as you.  So when they’re out on the track and they come into the pits, and they talk to you about stuff, no one wants to hurt you, everyone wants to see you succeed, just as bad as you want to succeed.  That’s the benefit of having people on your team.


Christian:  Thanks!  Would you have done anything differently if you could start over again?  Or are you glad that there were certain things you did in the beginning?   (Like for me, I always try to have FUN, no matter how important the race is and everything I have to remember)

Anthony: You know Christian, that’s a really good question.  I really don’t have any regrets.  The things that you do, even the mistakes that you make, help you form as a better person overall.


Christian:  What should be your goal every time a young racer goes out onto the track (besides having fun)?

Anthony:  Every time I go out on the track, I try to stay focused and basically focus on everything all the tasks I’m going out there to try to achieve; whether it’s the kart, what it’s doing, or how I am driving that day.  I know that seems really simple, but the goal is to continually prove myself.  Self improvement – improving myself is HUGE!   Every time you go out there determined to improve, you get better, things will automatically come.  If you focus on improving, you don’t have to try to win, it will just automatically come and you’ll be great someday.  So improvement is the thing I focus on the most.  Like, at the end of the weekend, if I won, it doesn’t matter to me.  Ony if I know I’ve improved, I feel a sense of  accomplishment, but if I win that weekend, but know I didn’t improve, then really I’ve lost the race (in my mind).  When I go to the track I really try to focus, and my goal is when I’ve left the track, I feel I’ve learned something different, I’ve learned something new.  It could be as simple as learning that the battery voltage on my Mychron has to be above 8.5 volts, to give me accurate data.  You have to go out there with the right mindset.  Not to be the most driven, but be completely calm and don’t let your emotions drive who you are.  Get out there and don’t show anyone else, especially other drivers, your emotions, never allow them to get in your head.  If they can get into your head, they can cause you to lose your race.  Remain focused with the right mindset.  Focus on learning and being better.  That’s my advice for all the little guys who want to become great.  I am not great yet, but I am trying to accomplish that, but I am determined to consistently get better.  I have good people around me and so do you and you have to believe that you have the right people around you.  Everyone around you is there for the team and to make you better.


Christian:  That’s great advice.  I remember when I met you last June, when both you and your Mom (Jodi) gave me advice at the track.  It really helped me a lot.

Anthony:  Yeah, I do remember that day. I think my Mom and I told you “don’t overthink it, be safe, but  go for it”.   I remember earlier that day I watched you on a turn and you hesitated to take an easy pass.  You Christian, and everyone else, have to believe you’re a race car driver out there. You have to say to yourself, I’m a racer and that’s my job!  I mean, this is what you do – you’re made to race, so you have to go with your instinct.  If you overthink the process, you’re just going to mess up.  Follow the advice you got from the last time you were on the track.  Yes, go for it.   Instinct is key, but you also have to be smart every time you put your helmet on.  So that’s what happens when you’re on the track.  Next time I see you, we can talk more about preparation at home, before a race.  But preparing at home and thinking about my last race and what I can do to improve is important.  I think about the layout of the track and what I did last time I raced there and what I need to do to improve.  That is another really important part of racing and good advice for any racer.


Christian:  Thanks a million Anthony.  Good advice.  I appreciate you doing this interview!

Anthony:  You’re welcome Christian.  Good luck to you.  Thanks for making me a part of KidzSpeed.


(Stay tuned for Anthony’s upcoming video interview on “Tips from Pit Lane” on KidzSpeed)


Photo Gallery

Anthony Gangi Hr cover Facebook


DSCF1062 DSCF1057



Anthony Ganji Jr 15-01-08-gangi Gangi 14-10-28-gangiGangi Skusa  Gangi USPKS img-9 gangi

Gangi img-6 Anthony Ganji Jr img-14a Anthony Ganji Jr 14-08-13-1-ART Anthony Ganji Jr FWT 2015 Anthony Ganji Jr img-13 Anthony Ganji Jr img-30

Anthony Ganji Jr img-27  Anthony Ganji Jr img-21 Anthony Ganji Jr img-2

Anthony Ganji Jr 14-04-09-art Anthony Ganji Jr img-2a  Anthony Ganji Jr 12-02-15



Video shout out from Jetman Dubai – Vince Reffett

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Video shout out from Jetman Dubai – Vince Reffett

A video shout out from Jetman – Vince
These guys are passionate about flying and dare everyone to “live their dreams”. Interview with KidzSpeed coming soon…….

Website: | Video:

11017672_997917050232942_4887762453995244549_o 11751477_989256454432335_2407477617294474620_n 12195016_1040179959339984_9122741316996867029_o jetman-dubai2

Rutgers Formula Racing Team

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Rutgers Formula Racing Team

KidzSpeed and F-Series racer, Yuritsa Dirpaul, went to Rutgers University in New Jersey to meet the Rutgers Formula Racing team – Engineering students who design, build and compete in Formula SAE. We learned a lot and had a great time.

Stay tuned for the video interview…..


IMG_1735  IMG_1737



RFR 279612_457982470891656_57304535_o  RFR 734822_507711682585401_1941523998_n

RFR 9876_606036042752964_1696215836_nRFR 961206_575808122480422_424350104_n

RFR 1379963_621328024557099_506138597_n Rutgers Formula Racing

RaceCraft1 simulator training

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RaceCraft1 simulator training

I traveled to Indianapolis for 2-day simulator training at RaceCraft1 – Motorsports Training & Racer Development The Go Kart simulator was very realistic.  Thanks to my coach, Mike “Chi-Chi” Ramirez for calling Kelly (instructor) with feedback on how to train me and sending over Mychron data from my last 2 races. Kelly Jones, is the owner and was my instructor.  He races motorcycles and race cars.  He was also an F-16 fighter pilot and flight trainer.  I really liked learning from him.  He knows a lot!

Photo Gallery

IMG_1654 IMG_1640 

IMG_1641 IMG_1651

IMG_1646 IMG_1656

IMG_1662 IMG_1664   My Dad, who works quietly behind the scenes to make racing and KidzSpeed possible.

Christian and Dad at RaceCraft1


I also saw a few Indy drivers working out in the gym (PitFit) next door.  That’s Gabby Chaves on the floor, James Hinchcliffe in the black shirt and hat on the left and Pippa Mann in pink.  


Interview: Rich Hanna, Jet Funny Car Racer and World Speed & ET Record Holder

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Interview:  Rich Hanna, Jet Funny Car Racer and World Speed & ET Record Holder



Interview with Rich Hanna, Jet Funny Car Racer and World Speed & ET Record Holder.

P.C. Richards, Night of Thrills & Family Fun Night at Englishtown Raceway Park – 07/25/2015

Rich and Hanna Motorsports did well that night.  I found the jet powered cars to be both fascinating and very cool!

YouTube-icon-full_color  Click the link to watch the Video Interview on YouTube:


Hanna Motorsports Gallery

HannaRacing.jpg website b37b0ce6adf92685f87c6e73ab27511e Hanna Queen-of-Diamonds-Jet-Dragster One of a Kind



Jetman Dubai – Young Feathers 4K

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Jetman Dubai – Young Feathers 4K



Yves Rossy and his dream have inspired me for the past 3 years.

I think he is so innovative, so cool and so brave.

Check him out at:




Jetman Dubai in flight


Tips from Pit Lane: Sabre’ Cook interview

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Tips from Pit Lane:  Sabre’ Cook interview

web sabrecook_1  kidzspeed_pit lane


In our new series, “Tips from Pit Lane”, KidzSpeed sat down to interview SKUSA, Rotax, S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto champion and 2 time TAG USA World champion kart racer, Sabre’ Cook

Listen in. as Sabre’ shares advice on fitness, the transition from shifter karts to F2000 cars and what every karting driver should be focusing on.


Sabre Christian collage 2


Sabre’s web site

Sabre Cook !cid_218B1541-17C6-4513-8E3D-E009FCBC21F7



Sabre’ Cook gallery

Sabre Cook !cid_065041F4-2FCB-4DC2-A1C8-247C338F0A46  Sabre Cook !cid_03E7CBB1-AB84-4333-B19E-2F24A7B61B6E   

web 1b_sabre_garage_011315_600x400  Web hqdefault

Sabre at Bondurant

web SabreCookGJMotorSpeedway


I am an official driver in the Kart Stars, Kart Racing game

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I am an official driver in the Kart Stars, Kart Racing game

Kart Stars Driver Christian Rutty

I am officially a driver in Kartstars IOS app, Kart Racing game.

Kartstars features fast kart racing on 30+ hand-crafted tracks and 300+ levels. There’s 45 different karts all inspired by real karting. They’ve been working with real kart drivers to mix the authenticity of the real thing, with the fun of classic kart-racing games. Some of the real-world drivers included are Oscar Piastri, Bryce Fullwood, James and Dave Sera.

See me here on Kartstars Facebook page at 0:39

Links        YouTube trailer   |    iTunes App Store   |    Facebook   |   Twitter It’s a really FUN and realistic game and it’s FREE!    Download it today.

  Screenshot Gallery Kartstars 1484542_898842710140619_7038378861917665551_n KartStars screen640x640 KartStars screen640x640 - 2 Kartstars 10858409_898842696807287_6511019171961283393_n

Minicades Mobile is an independent developer based in Melbourne, Australia and has been making games on iPhone and iPad since 2010. It was founded by two ex-automotive designers who decided it was more fun to make games than cars! A team of 6 people were involved in making Kart Stars. Some of their other titles include Mopar Drag N Brag,  Dragster Mayhem,  Stock Car Racing,  Champ Cars Racing Simulator.

Inaugural race of the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship

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Inaugural race of the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship


First Place!

I WON the Inaugural race of the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship on the same day as The Grand Prix of Monaco and Indy 500.

Ryan Stanton, 2nd place and Alfonso Lombardo Racing , 3rd place, drove a great race! Thanks to my coach, Michael “Chi-Chi” Ramirez, Kristian Werkley,John Bonanno,and Gunnar Bischoff Racing, for great tuning and driving advice! I had fun playing video games with Jack Bonanno between races.

Video clip on podium ceremony  YouTube:


Photos on Facebook


Kristian Werkley was very helpful tuning and giving great advice.


I love racing with Ryan and Alfonso.


Victory feels good!


My new friend, Jack.  We had fun playing video games.


The Lotus F1 team gives a shout out to KidzSpeed

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The Lotus F1 team gives a shout out to KidzSpeed

Lotus F1 team was at EMC World Las Vegas 2015. EMC is a sponsor of Lotus Racing. Thanks for the shout out guys!

   <—— YouTube link

IMG_0064   IMG_0063

Motor Racing League plugin by Ian Haycox