This past Saturday was my first visit to Oakland Valley Race Park. It was their last race of the season and the NY State Rotax finals. During warmup for the qualifying lap, the kart in front of me spun out and I went into him at near full speed. I hurt my hand, bent the tie rod and steering column on my go kart. I was out of the race for the finals. Thanks to Toni, EMT at OVRP, Jeremy from Action Kart (my tuner for 2 years) and my racing friends: Chloe Chambers, Alfonso Lombardo, Justin White, Sufyan Waryah and George Megennis who came to check and see how I was feeling.

OVRP _1st visit (1)









The next day (Sunday), I won a 2nd place trophy w/ Alfonso Lombardo and Livia. My first trophy in the new MicroMax kart. A great day of racing, plus my Mom and Sister came to watch in the afternoon. I feel much better after my crash yesterday. Also, congratulations to Craig in Yamaha class and Sufyan in Comer class.

A great weekend of racing, as the racing season ends for Winter.

2nd place win with Alfonso and Livia.

2nd place win with Alfonso and Livia.