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Carter Fartuch 

KidzSpeed is proud to have chosen Pennsylvania native and karting veteran, Carter Fartuch, as our February 2015 driver of the month.  Congratulations Carter!


CHRISTIAN:  Carter, you recently graduated from High School.  What are your plans for the future, particularly racing?

CARTER:   I am going to continue going to college, working my job and racing as much as possible.  Trying to get them all done and done well at the same time.


CHRISTIAN:  Tell us about some of the awards you have won in karting?

CARTER:   (laughs)  Well, in karting I was lucky enough to get a lot of wins in several club series and regional series.  In 2013, I was able win the Formula 355 challenge in the F-Series Gear Up Challenge.  Now I’ve been lucky enough to gain a few trophies in car racing as well.


CHRISTIAN:  Good job!

CARTER:   Thank you.


CHRISTIAN:  Do you plans still include karting or just racing cars?

CARTER:   For now, they mostly include just cars.  I love karting and everything, but there could be a kart race here and there in the future.  For right now we’re just going to focus on cars.


CHRISTIAN:  Tell me what you have learned in karting and how it has transferred to car racing?

CARTER:   In karting I learned pretty much every fundamental involved in racing.  I learned how to work on a car, how to feel a car out, how to compete against other drivers and it really helped me.


CHRISTIAN:  Tell me about the BMW’s that you’re now racing?

CARTER:   The BMW’s are a lot of fun.  They are basically normal street cars – 3 series, turned into race cars.  They have roll cages, racing suspensions, modified engines……


CHRISTIAN:  (excited) Are they “souped up”, right?

CARTER:   Yes they are “souped up”!


CHRISTIAN:   Carter, last question.  Tell us about The Skip Barber Racing series.

CARTER:   I was lucky enough to race last Summer with the Skip Barber summer series.  It was fun and I got to compete with a lot of different drivers, different skill levels.  I raced at Lime Rock, CT, where you came to watch me race and I got to travel to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The program is a great one.  So many professional drivers got their start at Skip Barber.  I am sure I will see you there one day.


CHRISTIAN:   Thanks for a great interview Carter.  And thanks for giving me a lot of driving tips and support this past racing season.

CARTER:   Anytime buddy.  Happy to help you any way I can.  Like I said, KidzSpeed, a.k.a. one of the coolest web sites ever!




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