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This is Austin Riley, a three time champion kart racer from Canada.  He is 14 years old.  Austin drives really great and when he was my age, he raced a MicroMax kart just like me.  

Austin is a very special kid.  In a lot of ways, he and I are alike.   Austin has Autism.  Some things that are easy for most kids are difficult for him, but kart racing is not one of them.   Austin’s Dad and coaches are very supportive of Austin and he has met many famous racers.  The kids at the track are happy to see him and look up to him for his driving skill and his friendly personality.    Austin says, “just because you have Autism, it doesn’t mean you can’t do great things”.


To help support his racing career, you can buy one of Austin’s pit shirts.  In addition, a part of the funds will be donated to Autism Speaks Canada.   I bought one and I will wear it on a few race days this season.







I hope to meet my new friend , Austin very soon and maybe interview him for KidzSpeed.

Check out Austin’s web site  at:   and watch his YouTube video here:

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“Safety first and see you at the finish line”