My interview with Indy racer, Sage Karam and six other fast kart racers from the F-Series / Gear Up Challenge race #3 at Oakland Valley Race Park.

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F-Series racers

Karting racers interviewed by KidzSpeed at F-Series Gear Up Challenge #3 - June 2014, OVRP

Meet the drivers from F-Series Gear Up Challenge #3 – June 2014, OVRP


 John Dacosta      <- Click here to watch John’s interview

Rob Dacosta MOV041 40


Sage Karam       <- Click here to watch Sage’s interview

Sage’s web page:  ->  

Sage Karam interview MOV042 95

Carter Fartuch       <- Click here to watch Carter’s interview

Carter Fartuch MOV044 37


Kyle Smith       <- Click here to watch Kyle’s interview   

                  Kyle’s web page:  -> Kyle Smith Motorsports

Kyle Smith MOV046 73

Max Dibella       <- Click here to watch Max’s interview

Max DiBella MOV047 14

Alex Manglass       <- Click here to watch Alex’s interview

Alex Manglass MOV048 24

Rob Little       <- Click here to watch Rob’s interview

Rob Little MOV040 13


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