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Hi and welcome to KidzSpeed!

My name is Christian, and I’m a kid who loves auto racing, go karts, fast cars, technology, science, engineering and the coolest roller coasters in the world!



Lewis Hamilton interview w/ David Letterman

I’ve also been lucky enough to appear in the news, featured on the web and on Television. and I’ve also appeared racing Go Karts on Netflix: David Letterman, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction – Lewis Hamilton (F1 champion) interview (S2Ep4) with fellow kart racer, Chloe Chambers. I am also an actual racer (character) in the IOS/Android game, Kart Stars. 

Christian on Child Genius: Season 2 - Lifetime TV

In 2016 I was cast for Lifetime TV’s Child Genius Season 2 .  I really love STEM subjects and am labeled as “profoundly gifted & talented”, with an IQ of 147. I take some really challenging classes at school and enjoy subjects like Pre-Calculus, Physics, and anything related to Engineering. But I still enjoy the same games and fun like most kids my age. 


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KidzSpeed has grown to feature interviews with motorsport professionals, celebrities, events and kids worldwide.

Radical SR-1 – Primal Racing School

Radical SR-1 – Primal Racing School

  Me racing in the Radical SR1 (CLICK on photo below to watch video pop-up) at Atlanta Motorsports Park CLICK on photo (above) to watch onboard cockpit video of me in the Radical SR1.  I got in 2 very fast laps @03:00-05:00 mark   A fun time at Atlanta...

Racing portrait

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