An interview with Champion kart racer, Jeremy Doll.  Jeremy has competed in karting for many years and has raced locally in the North East  as well as The Florida Winter Tour, The Rotax Nationals and recently won the NorthEast Rotax Max Challenge for 2014.  Jeremy, a South Jersey native is now a Freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science.

KidzSpeed interview with Jeremy Doll

Christian: Hey Jeremy, thanks for being a part of this interview today and thanks for supporting KidzSpeed.

Jeremy: You’re welcome Christian. It’s an honor.

Christian: Well THANK YOU for all the great advice you gave me in the pits this season.

Jeremy: It was fun to see you improve throughout the year! I really enjoy (attempting to) teach about karting, and I’m glad to hear you enjoy it. You and your Dad are awesome and made my few times at the track this year even more fun.

Christian: You won the Senior Max class of the North East Rotax Max Challenge in 2014.  Impressive!  Now that you’re in college, what are your plans for karting?

Jeremy: With college, I don’t know how much free time I’ll have, but once the Spring semester ends, if I am not working this Summer, I will try to make it over to the track as much as I can.

Christian: Any plans to move into racing cars?

Jeremy: At this point in my career (if you want to call it that), I don’t think there’s plans to move up.per se’. I think I want to have fun with the sport and I would certainly like to, but it’ not something I am necessarily pursuing fervently.

Christian: Any advice for young racers like me?

Jeremy: The best advice I always give isPractice, practice, practice” because the way that you really learn the little parts of driving is by doing a ton of repetition.  Basically a lot of practice.   That’s how I got good and how everyone else does as well.

Christian:  What are you studying in college?

Jeremy: I am studying Computer Science, so I’m studying how to code all sorts of things.  That’s fun.

Christian: I like computers too.  I want to code some video games for the App Store one day!

Jeremy:  Thanks Christian.  Good luck this season!

Jeremy Doll photo gallery
Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (10)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (9)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (8)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (7)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (6)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (5)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (4)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (3)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (2)Jeremy Doll DOM January 2015  (1)
Accepting a first place award for him (October 2014)
Jeremy Doll NERMC June 2014 10255879_761295680589892_8567134235326108532_o
  Jeremy and me (June 2014)